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Galaxy Water Bubbler

Designer: Canna Luxe Co.

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The Galaxy Water Bubbler, also referred to as a water bong, offers a sleek design that seamlessly blends into your home decor as an accent piece. With its indestructible sillicone material, it's perfect for even the most clumsy smoker. The wide opening allows you to easily insert ice water for a cooling effect while simultaneously softening each pull.

The downstem can conveniently be removed for easy cleaning.

The bubbler also comes with a removable glass bowl for your flower.

*We suggest adding a replacement bowl to your order for extended use of your bubbler, however should you ever need a replacement glass bowl in the future, you can purchase them individually at any time. 

- FDA Silicone material

- Removable glass bowl for easy cleaning

-Glow in the dark feature

- Size 107x254


Cleaning Instructions

- Hand wash only

- Preferred cleaning agents include hot water and unscented natural soap

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