The reality is racism is thriving more than ever and it is interrupting the economic flow for black business owners everywhere –especially in the Cannabis industry.

For years there has been a war on drugs that has singlehandedly impacted the black community. Black men and women caught with drugs often receive a much stronger sentence, sometimes three times more prison time, for nonviolent crimes like possession than a non-black person.

Today the inhumane treatment has transitioned to business and economic power. With the Cannabis industry on the rise there are concerns amongst black business owners that shows capital and systematic racism within the industry.

Simply put, oppressors have made the industry nearly impossible for people of color to embark on their new journey of joining the legal weed industry. In fact, the numbers are disturbing.

Less than a fifth of people in the cannabis industry are people of color, and even fewer of those people are actually of African-American decent.

“They make it nearly impossible to obtain a simple license to practice your business,” a newcomer in the Cannabis industry says, “so many fees, so many taxes, so many hidden roadblocks just to go into business. It is so cost prohibitive that it’s not even worth trying to spend six figures to simply apply for the license.” And this is how they block people of color from new opportunities in this industry.

Our communities were so damaged due to the war on drugs and marijuana convictions in the 80s, 90s, and beyond. This is our chance to correct that responsibly, but the system makes it difficult for people with black and brown skin to get in.

This is modern day oppression and every-thing that Canna Luxe Co. firmly stands against. Hereat Canna Luxe Co., we are doing our best to ensure that more and more people of color are included in the business of Cannabis. One way or another we will find our way.

We may not be able to legally sell weed, yet, but we have started where we can with a luxurious weed accessory collection that caters to aesthetically inclined women.

Little by little we will make strides towards moving more people of color in high positions in the Cannabis industry. This is a marathon, so someday our children’s children will obtain a place in this market which they so rightfully deserve.

When you shop Canna Luxe Co., you are shopping a black owned female business. You are pouring your dollars in to black lives that matter and a black business that takes a stand to make a difference. This is how we change the narrative. Thank you for helping us do the work.

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